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Gently enveloping the City of Cambridge, the rolling landscape of South Cambridgeshire comprises villages and farms alongside some of the most sophisticated industry in Western Europe. Whether on the Cambridge fringe or in one of the renowned science parks a huge variety of businesses enjoy the economic advantages the area has to offer together with a quality of life for their people that is recognised as second to none.    find out more >


Business in Cambridgeshire

The UK is one of the most affluent nations in the world. More and more businesses are thriving and start-up companies are prospering. There are a lot of well-known regions, counties and cities in the UK which includes London, Manchester, Oxford, Liverpool and a lot more. Cambridgeshire is one of most well known counties in the UK due to its famous universities.

Cambridgeshire’s quiet and laidback reputation has become inviting to businesses and people alike while it's proximity to London makes it an ideal location for companies and research firms.

The universities in the area provide a flow of qualified manpower and talents. This would range from university college students and graduates to postgraduate and experienced personel. The technology being developed in the city is cutting edge since the opening of the Science Park in the area. Since the area consists of a lot of students, a lot of research is being done in coordination or in partnership with the companies in the area. The research will not only benefit the students but the also for the advancement of the companies and their products.

The government as well as a variety of organisations and associations provides financial assistance and support to start-up companies in the area. A lot of other organisations and groups also provide other support services and investments due to the area’s status as a hi-tech start-up hub.

In summary, there are a lot of reasons why it is good to start a company or business in the Cambridgeshire region. Qualified and talented talent pool, the government and other organisations are supportive of start-up companies, technology is actively being developed, and most importantly the gentle, peaceful environment. Cambridge is at the forefront of the UK tech boom and the success of the science park and universities in the area acts like a magnet drawing investment and great businesses into the heart of Cambridgeshire.

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South Cambridgeshire tops quality of life poll
South Cambridgeshire tops a quality of life poll
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