Explore South Cambridgeshire

South Cambridgeshire is a wonderful environment to explore whether you’re on a business mission or enjoying some well-deserved leisure time. Open the interactive map and you’ll see many of the area’s commercial and cultural locations highlighted, not to mention the main transport hubs and education and sporting centres.

Simply use the mapping tools to scroll in and out and move around the map. Click on the menu to the left to bring-up the features that interest you and then locate the coloured pins on the map for further information.


As a result of the unique economic development environment of South Cambridgeshire and South Cambridgeshire District Council working closely with the private sector, the region now has over thirty business and science parks offering all types of business locations from incubator premises and small business units right up to major corporate headquarters.

Some of these are prestige sites closely identified with a particular sector for example the biotechnology and pharmaceutical cluster centred on Babraham, Granta Park and the Wellcome Trust Genome Campus. Others, like the first science parks to be developed on the northern fringe of Cambridge City are home to a wider variety of business.

All allow business of the highest quality to be conducted within the settled communities and predominantly agricultural landscape of the region. It’s a combination that works for the businesses and most importantly, the people that make them tick.

A comprehensive listing of business and science parks is available via the Property Selector page of this site.

The Cambridge phenomenon as it has become to be known centred on high tech and bio tech industries prospering as a result of the people and research flowing from Cambridge University. As a centre of excellence fostering world leading research and development the area became a magnet for talent and companies working in the sectors.

But to focus entirely on these industries would be to allow a one-dimensional view of what is a far more diverse business landscape in South Cambridgeshire, all benefitting from the educated skills base, excellent communications and quality of life provided within a few minutes of Cambridge City.

Not surprisingly, transport and logistics operations base themselves here. There are emerging green tech and clean tech businesses. There are thriving creative operations. All surrounded by agiculture. Not just small farming. Serious mixed farming enterprises making considerable investments to drive efficient food production.

To find out more, take a look through the case histories in ‘Who’s Already Here’. You might be surporised at the variety of businesses taking advantage of Cambridge Plus.

To the south you are within the M25 in 30 minutes. To the east, Norwich is a little over one hour away. To the west the new A428 has opened up quick links to Bedford and Milton Keynes. The A14 arterial route provides fast access to the midland and the A1 heads to Peterborough and the North East. In short, few regions are better connected than South Cambridgeshire.

Fast train lines go into Kings Cross (now 50 minutes from Cambridge) and Liverpool Street. London Stansted sits just south of the region’s border with Essex connected directly by motorway. The Cambridge Plus business person can work in the office in the morning and then be in any European capital he or she chooses before the office closes for the day.

Modern connectivity changes the dynamics of business communication, but the ability to operate efficiently beyond the borders of Cambridgeshire and the UK remains a vital asset. And Cambridge Plus businesses are able to do that better than most.