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Whether you are a South Cambridgeshire business looking to grow or an organisation looking to invest in the region, the economic development team at South Cambridgeshire District Council can help. We have our finger on the pulse with regard to property, economic programmes and the contacts you might need.



Cambridge Plus is a business friendly region. That ethos is driven by South Cambridgeshire District Council who provide active support to local businesses.    find out more >

South Cambridgeshire’s commitment to economic development is driven by Economic Development Portfolio Holder Councillor Nick Wright and Chief Executive Jean Hunter. Having been instrumental in creating the current economic strategy, both are actively engaged with the business agenda.

Councillor Nick Wright

Jean Hunter

Jean Hunter

Jean Hunter

South Cambridgeshire District Council is actively involved with local businesses on a daily basis. The focal point of contact is Principal Lead, Economic Development and Tourism, Nicole Kritzinger.

If you wish to contact the Council with regard to any of the support services it provides or simply to discuss how your business can benefit from its location (or potential location) in the Cambridge Plus region then please contact Nicole.

Nicole Kritzinger

Nicole Kritzinger

Telephone: 01954 713454
Email: [email protected]

During the last 30 years, the Cambridge Sub-Region has developed into the premier location for high technology research and development in Europe.

Building initially on the University of Cambridge as a centre of excellence, and a number of research establishments in and around the City, Cambridge and South Cambridgeshire now contain a growing pool of internationally renowned research and development companies and a growing body of specialist labour.

Known as the Cambridge Phenomenon, this growth has been fostered by local planning authorities that have balanced the needs of economic development against the need to maintain a high quality landscape and built environment. Planning policies for the area have encouraged this phenomenon by allowing R&D and other businesses and organisations, which have an essential need to be located in this area, to be accommodated locally.

South Cambridgeshire has played a key part in the economic growth of the region. It has successfully combined traditional industry such as agriculture and engineering with new sectors such as IT and biosciences, many of which are situated on one of the several burgeoning business and science parks.

To find out more about the role of South Cambridgeshire District Council with regard to planning in the region or to discuss a specific planning requirement for your business, please feel free to contact us.