Why South Cambs?

Talk to a successful business in South Cambridgeshire and ask what is it about the area that contributes to that success and you’re likely to get a different answer. For one it might be the ability to tie-in with an established industry cluster. For another it might be the skilled workforce and the connections to Europe. For the next, it might be the Science Park facilities and the proximity to Cambridge.

What is certain is that South Cambridgeshire is uniquely placed to offer businesses everything they need to develop, whilst at the same time providing an environment and quality of life for the people that the Hailfax Building Society recently rated as #1 in their survey of rural locations in the UK.

Cambridge – The City of Cambridge sits at the heart of South Cambridgeshire. Recognised worldwide as not just a seat of learning but as a high status centre for research and development and the high technology sector.

Flagship sites – From the long established science park within the City boundary to the Granta Park and Babraham Campus situated in the South Cambridgeshire countryside, the prestige parks are a focus for excellence and expertise whilst providing facilities for both large and small businesses.

The workforce – Success breeds success. That’s why South Cambridgeshire is right at the top of the national indicators for employment and academic success. It’s a talent pool that existing and new businesses are able to tap into and benefit from.

The connections – The M11/A1 and A14/A428 provide fast road links North South East and West from South Cambridgeshire. Overlay this with the 45 minute train connection from Cambridge into London and the immediate proximity to London Stansted airport, it’s not hard to see why doing business across the UK and into Europe could not be easier from the area.

The ideas – Cambridge University is about learning, but it is also about ideas. More importantly Ideas with economic potential. The incubator culture is well established and has spawned a number of what are now highly successful global enterprises.

The quality of life – South Cambridgeshire is patchwork of village communities. Rooted, well balanced and with high quality education and leisure facilities. Commuting times are low and the opportunity to optimise the work/life balance is there for all. Add to that the easy access to the tourism attractions and arts and cultural facilities of the City and the combination is close to ideal.

Plans for growth – South Cambridgeshire understands that economic development and associated growth benefits all members of the community. Therefore the District Council is working with developers to provide the long term answers to housing demand. Sites on the Western fringe of Cambridge are under construction now and the new town of Northstowe will be the next major development.

South Cambridgeshire would not be South Cambridgeshire without Cambridge at its heart. In turn Cambridge benefits greatly from the high quality environment that surrounds it. Economic development has to be sensitively managed to preserve that environment. South Cambridgeshire District Council is committed to encouraging new and existing businesses to prosper across the area whilst maintaining and improving the qualities that make the region so special.


South Cambridgeshire District Council’s Economic Development Strategy identifies six priority themes as it sets a clear vision for the future of the region.

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Through its economic development work South Cambridgeshire District Council is able to identify opportunities that Cambridge Plus businesses are well placed to take advantage of.

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