Cambridge Biomedical Campus
Life Sciences, Property
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South Cambridgeshire is a world-class centre of excellence in biomedical related research, patient care and education. In 1999, Cambridge University Hospitals, together with major partners the University of Cambridge and the Medical Research Council, created a masterplan for the expansion of the Addenbrookes hospital site called the “2020 Vision”. This included a new development to create one of the largest and most internationally competitive concentrations of healthcare-related talent and enterprise in Europe, the Cambridge Biomedical Campus.

Current occupiers include Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, the Cancer Research UK, Cambridge Research Institute, the Hutchison/MRC Research Centre, the Medical Research Council Laboratory of Molecular Biology and the University of Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine. A group of organisations which together employ over 7,000 people.

Cambridge Biomedical Campus and South Cambridgeshire

The Biomedical cluster in South Cambridgeshire established in locations like Granta Park already benefits from what is termed ‘ABC’, that is the proximity of Academics, Businesses and Clinicians. A network of symbiotic relationships that facilitates progress. The development of the Biomedical Campus adds even more critical mass to the wider concentration of this speciality within South Cambridgeshire and will ensure it remains one of the leading world centres for years to come.