Life Sciences
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MedImmune is one of the world’s leading Biotechnology companies working on research and development through state of the art manufacturing to product commercialisation. Established as the global biologics business for AstraZeneca in 2007 the company strives to address unmet medical needs by developing novel proprietary products and cutting-edge technologies.

MedImmune and South Cambridgeshire

In 2008 MedImmune unveiled a new research and development facility in the heart of South Cambridgeshire at Granta Park capitalising on the area’s established links with the Biotech sector. The new 92,000 sq ft building based in Granta Park consists of two laboratories, each helping expand the capacity for the number of drugs developed each year by the business in South Cambridgeshire. That work includes the development of new therapeutic and preventative medicines that hold tremendous potential for patients around the globe

In addition to providing the business a place at the heart of South Cambridgeshire’s Biotech community, Granta Park has a large range of amenities including an active sport and social programme making it a highly desirable place to work where MedImmune’s 500 employees can balance their work and social life.