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TTP has become Europe’s leading independent product development company by providing a unique and powerful combination of three capabilities. Firstly, deep knowledge of current advances in technology. Secondly, a thorough understanding of the commercial implications of its exploitation for client businesses and thirdly, the engineering and project management skills to develop and deliver new products.

The company creates value by identifying market opportunities that can be satisfied by the application of new technology. TTP then works hands-on to develop and deliver the new technologies so that they can be commercialised in clients’ products. Resources include extensive laboratory and pre-production manufacturing facilities at its base in Melbourn, South Cambridgeshire.

The company’s development has been founded on a firm grasp of the business issues related to any project. These include the competitive environment, the time to market, return on investment, management of risk and the monitoring of the development process. The objective being to optimise the chances of success for clients. An approach that has led to a number of high quality long term client relationships across the consumer, healthcare, industrial, communications and printing sectors.

TTP and South Cambridgeshire

South Cambridgeshire is a natural home for TTP, with its close links to the flow of ideas spawned by Cambridge University and the business incubation culture that has developed in the city. This allied to the skills within the high tech community and the easy communications across the UK and beyond and it’s not hard to see how much the South Cambridgeshire business environment is able to facilitate the work of this outstanding and innovative organisation.